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Week 15

I am running my last mile with my web design class… I can see the finish line finally!  My Portfolio Site is getting close to being finishes.  Or at least I think it is.  I have to figure out the JavaScript for my gallery image overlay.  It is a bit tricky to use without messing up my rollover button script.  I was able to get this script working on my other website for my other class, but that was done with strictly hand coding, unlike this site.  I am considered adding more context to it.  I am really terrible talking about myself/skills.  I wish I could have someone else write the “fluff” to add to my site.  I am pretty satisfied so far.  If it weren’t for Prof. Jenn, I would not have made it this far.  She is really a great and patient teacher. 


Week 14

This week I concentrated on my template page.  There was plenty wrong with it so I am still doing revisions.  A lot of my graphics were exported as gif’s instead of jpg’s when I had specified them to be exported as jpgs.  I had to go and re-export them.  After my meeting with Prof.Jenn, we got rid of a lot of extra div’s that fireworks had created.  That helped me figure out a lot more problems.  I still have one major problem I am trying to fix.  I am off now to work on the site some more… wish me luck!