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One thing I am learning, not many people are motivated when money is not involved. After many letters coming in late, past deadline, I need to keep the realistic one. It was a great learning device. I hope the final product will work. Accomplished at around 6:30pm this evening… an entire day’s worth of work. FLH Pamphlet



Still early in the semester, but deep in the work already. I felt really good today at my internship.  My supervisor told me how thrilled she was with my latest project, especially for someone who has never done that type of project before.  It is nice to hear that after putting quite a few hours into something.  Of course I had to re-visit my design and make it more applicable and easier to read and to accommodate as much text as possible.  We need to send this to the printer Monday, while I am still getting in letters from politicians to place in the program.  I still have files to place, but I have a good 4 hours Monday to get it done.  Good thing I work fast and efficient!

I am now entering my fall semester at AACC, 2010.  I will begin recording advances with my portfolio and internship.  I will be going through the motions with my new web design 2 class as well this fall.  I have recently begun my internship at St. Johns College in Annapolis.  It has been very enjoyable thus far.  My co-workers are wonderful people and the relaxed environment helps calm any anxiety I may have about interning somewhere.  I am currently encouraging them to put as much work on me as they can muster up, I am glutton for punishment.  I want to learn a lot and have a lot to show in my portfolio when it is over.  That is my compensation and I want it to be abudant.

On a more personal note, I have been busy being a  coordinator, designer and graphic artist for my father in law’s wedding next Saturday.  I will soon post some pictures of the event, the dress, and I will use the invitation and other stationary for my portfolio.

Excitement, blood, sweat and maybe tears to come this semester…not sure if I am quite ready to lay rest to the summer, but it is easy to do so when it has been so mediocre.