The event I did the brochure for was on Sunday… I had a stack of them on my desk when I came into work this morning.  I realize I didn’t post any updates last week.  To catch you up to speed, I got a tour of Whitmore printing off of Moreland Pkwy in Annapolis.  Mr. Shenk was nice enough to give me the tour on such a busy work day.  The size of the machines were impressive!  The ink seems to seep into your lungs when you step into the basement of the large-scale printers.  The quality and color of the documents produced amazed me.  As much as I love web design, I have always loved Paper and color and prints.  It was a great morning for me, despite the rush of running the proof back to them and getting the corrections made.  I did not get much of a chance to go over it as thoroughly as I would have liked.  Since it was my first, I hope to only improve and learn from my mistakes.

My supervisor is very encouraging, she is rewarding me for a job well done with Thai food on Wednesday.  I am very happy about my payment with food.  I will update on my menu choices Wednesday.