I finished moving old files to the review folder on the web page today.  File organization on such a large site is vital to the web masters to help locate needed files and what is being used and what is not.  While there are archives kept, deleting files is still intimidating so we created a folder to drop “unlinked” files into so the web master can have the final say in what to delete and what not to delete.   I also am beginning to rename the pdf’s using a naming convention that was agreed upon by the web master here in Annapolis and the one in Santa Fe.  I have to open some files to be able to accurately name them, but the convention we are using is:

filename_1011 for yearly

filename_1011_10 for monthly

filename_1011_spr (or fall, wntr, sum) for quartly

I had to write this down so I don’t forget how its done.  Now I have to sort back through the files in this one file and rename them so they are easy to locate and have names that are meaningful to their content and the year/month/quarter is easily identifiable.

When a site goes from web master to web master, different conventions are used.  I do not know if they have a “style” page that displays the rules and how they should be used for the next person to be able to easily identify.  I will find out if such a page exists, not so much for the naming purposes, but for when the site will be re-done which is in the discussion process.  I am sure they have one, I just have not seen it.

I am learning more every day.  I got a look at the work orders and the process that they go through.  I think I like both print and digital because having a physical work order helps remind you of what needs to be done.  When you have the order digitally, it is easy to ignore files sometimes… I am sure I could get used to it one way or the other, but I know I love my reminder post-its…