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A lot of my work, or small projects, I cannot post for privacy and rights issues.  I created power point presentations, charts and tables with InDesign (breakthrough for me to figure this out on my own, I was very excited!), and edited online books.  As I mentioned earlier in my blogs, I was able to see a project from start to finish when I created a booklet for the Fannie Lou Hamer Honorees of 2010.



I have been working most of the semester on blog masthead.  I have come up with tons and tons and none seemed to what we needed for the blog.  The more my understanding of blogs and WordPress grew, the more I realized what I had been doing all semester had been incorrect.  After discussions with the webmaster, we decided to have a more cohesive look for the main blogs for the college: the main site, the president’s blog, and the student blog index.  I was originally only thinking about these blogs in single unities, but once I realized that there are blogs in bigger blogs, I began to see the importance of keep a unified look.  We decided that the student blogs would have their own “individual” look that the students pick, but the index have the same masthead.  This is why we went simple.

Here are a few of designs I had come up with (not really complete):

header option for the President's page

beginnings of trying to alter the css to make the entire blog

So it is my last day at St. John’s for this fall 2010 semester.  It is quiet and rainy.  My internship included tasks that did not always lead to “portfolio ready” work, but they did teach me about the random tasks that the graphic design department has to perform on a day-to-day basis.

There was an article in one of the St. John’s magazines about the “Bells of St. John’s”. This was an image that was fairly dark and need to be lighter and more distinguishable.  This image was used in the magazine article as well.

Bell at St. Johns

A Gift